Disclosure About Stolen Funds From FTX: Addressed Exchanges

The bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX stated that the crypto assets stolen from them were transferred to other exchanges last week and that the exchanges should be vigilant in the face of this situation.

FTX official twitter In a statement made on his account, he emphasized that the funds stolen from FTX last week were sent to other exchanges as a result of different wallet transfers. The following statements were included in the statement made by the FTX officials, who called the exchanges to be conscious about this issue:

Exchanges should be aware that some funds transferred from FTX Global and related wallets without authorization on November 11 were transferred to them through different transfers. Exchanges must take every precaution to ensure that these funds are returned to the bankruptcy court.

Another explanation on the subject is the on-chain analysis platform. chainaliasis came by. Stating that the funds stolen from FTX are on the move, the organization invited exchanges to be on the alert in response to hackers’ quest to turn the stolen crypto assets into cash.

Although there is no recorded transfer to any exchange wallet yet, hackers were found yesterday evening. 300 million dollars moved the asset to a different anonymous wallet, which had a negative impact on cryptocurrency prices.

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