Different Recycling Signs and Their Meanings

We understand once again the importance of recycling, especially nowadays, where our world is becoming increasingly polluted and gradually turning into a huge garbage dump. You can contribute to this process by learning about the recycling signs on the products you buy. Let’s take a closer look at the different recycling signs and their meanings.

The number of people is increasing day by day. Our consumption is also increasing at the same rate. After consuming the product we bought or deciding not to use it anymore, we throw it away and do not think about what happens next. However, when we do this, we pollute the world with our own hands and turn it into a huge garbage dump. at this point recycling kicks in and at least aims to prevent pollution at some point.

Do not think that a piece of my plastic will save the world when there are huge factories; yes, even one person being sensitive about it means the world is a little cleaner. Therefore, on the products you buy should learn about recycling signs and you must make your own contribution to this process. Different recycling signs and meanings let’s take a closer look.

Recycling signs and their meanings:

Mobius Cycle:

The mobius cycle, which comes in many different colors and patterns, It is one of the most recognizable recycling signs. Regardless of color, they all mean the same thing. A product with a mobilus cycle on it is recyclable. However, it does not guarantee that the product will be accepted by recycling centers. Contrary to popular belief, a product with a mobius loop is not made from recycled materials. However, in some products it is used with the inscription that it is produced from recycled material.

Green Dot:

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The recycling sign, called the green dot, has a completely different meaning, even if it is confused with the mobius cycle. The green dot mark indicates that the product on it will be recycled or Doesn’t mean it’s made from recycled material. The green dot mark indicates that the manufacturer of the product found on it contributes financially to recycling.

Plastic recycling signs:

recycling signs

1-PET Plastic:

Polyethylene Terephthalate, the plastic that we know as PET for short, is a plastic product in the world and in our country. It is one of the most widely used types of plastic. Especially water and similar beverage bottles are made of PET plastic. It is disposable, its repeated use creates organisms and bacteria that are considered harmful to human health. You can recycle PET plastics, but reuse is not recommended.

2-HDPE Plastic:

High Density Polyethylene, abbreviated HDPE, most durable and safe It is one of the types of plastic. Picnic tables, detergent bottles, garbage cans, oil bottles, park benches, toys and many more are produced from HDPE plastic type. This type of plastic is durable, reusable and recyclable. Moreover, recycling is quite cheap and simple.

3-PVC Plastic:

Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviated as PVC, is a soft and highly flexible plastic type. Used in computer cables, plastic pipes, food packaging, children’s toys, pet toys, window frames, hoses and more. PVC is the main material in many products. However, PVC is called toxic plastic because it has the potential to leak many toxins. PVC plastic products cannot be recycled.

4-LDPE Plastic:

Low Density Polyethylene, which is called LDPE abbreviation, is compared to other plastic types. because it contains less toxins It is considered a safer type of plastic. Products such as dry cleaning packaging, bread bags, plastic bags in stores, trash cans, floor tiles are made using LDPE plastic. LDPE plastic is reusable and, though not always, recyclable. However, products made from recycled LDPE plastic are not tough enough.

5-PP Plastic:

Polypropylene referred to by the abbreviation PP; It is a hard, light and heat resistant plastic type. Products used especially on dry cereal packages Keeps away from substances such as moisture and oil. Polypropylene is commonly used in diapers, pails, plastic bottle caps, shortening containers, yogurt cups and strings. Polypropylene is reusable and easily recycled.

6-PS Plastic:

Polystyrene, referred to by the abbreviation PS; It is a cheap, light and easily shaped plastic type. Foams used in plastic cups, egg boxes, plastic cutlery, foam packaging and shipping boxes are produced from Polystyrene plastic type. Since polystyrene is weak and has a very light structure, it breaks easily and disperses. Because of this dispersible nature There are countless pieces of Polystyrene all over the world and is swallowed by sea creatures. Polystyrene can be recycled, but not much work has been done on it.

7-Other Plastics:

In addition to the known and widely used plastic types, there are also different types of plastics such as BPA, Polycarbonate and LEXAN. These types of plastics classified by the number 7 collected separately from others. However, there is no standard procedure for reuse or recyclability.


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Throw everything away if you must, but keep the glasses. A large selection of bottles, jars and more glassware recycleable. By separating the non-glass plastic bottle caps and metal jar caps on the glass products, you can leave the glass products to the recycling centers within their group.


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Perhaps one of the least known recycling signs is the aluminum sign. alu abbreviation for aluminum recycling sign consisting of two rotating arrows above and below a product you see on it, It means it is made of recyclable aluminum material.

Electronic Recycling:

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The electronic recycling sign is perhaps one of the most common. Even If you turn your phone and look behind it You will most likely encounter this sign. The electronic recycling sign clearly tells you not to throw the product it is on because every part of it is recyclable.


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The compostable sign, which is one of the recycling signs that we do not pay attention to, if we encounter it often on many different products, Under the European standard EN 13432/14955 means it is compostable. In other words, the product with this sign will be destroyed in nature by itself or as a result of special processes.


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Although we don’t see it very often, the paper recycling mark stamp used with the National Paper Traders Association patent means that the product it is on at least 50% means it is produced using waste paper.

In these days when our world is getting increasingly polluted, we understand the importance of it again and again. different signs used for recycling We examined and briefly talked about the meanings of these signs. You can share your thoughts about recycling in the comments.

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