Development in Multichain Event: Token Price Takes Off! Has the CEO been reached?

Recent activity in cross-chain protocol Multichain (MULTI) bridges has fueled rumors that the CEO is back.

The CEO, who has temporarily suspended operations on many bridges and is necessary for the resumption of operations, has not been heard from. Multichain There have been remarkable developments on the front. By the on-chain data platform 0xScope transmitted According to information Multichain Zksync Era, Kava EVM And Avax C-Chain The bridges between the networks were brought back to life. While this development is interpreted as the possibility of contacting the CEO again, MULTI price will be released within 24 hours. increased 47%.

About the CEO of the project for more than 10 days While no information can be received, the activation control of the bridges in question is only CEO ZhaojunIt was a huge bottleneck. Even in the statement made by the team the operation of the protocol As everything possible was done to ensure that the CEO Zhaojun could not be contacted. server access could not be established had been expressed.

Although the fate of the CEO has not yet been clarified, the latest developments are among other investors among investors. Multichain bridges There was an expectation that it would open. As the bridges become active, the previously performed and queued transactions are expected to be activated automatically.

According to CoinGecko data, with the effect of news flow 47% rising MULTI, $3.54 from the level $5.20 climbed up. Living with a retreat at the time of writing, MULTI from $4.36 is being traded.

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