Developers’ “Big Announcement” Has Been Blank In This Altcoin: Sudden Drop In Price!

Immutable (IMX) altcoin After the developments shared by the team as a “big announcement” for a while, could not meet the expectation, there was a sudden decrease in the price of IMX coin.

The Immutable developer team had previously announced that they would release “the largest use case update in history”.

According to the announcement, Polygon Labs and Immutable have joined forces to launch Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon.

waiting for a big announcement cryptocurrency investors were disappointed after the development, and the altcoin’s price dropped significantly at the time of this writing.

A 24-hour chart showing the drop in IMX price.

The company started a big countdown for this development on its official Twitter account and shared the number of days left to the “legendary announcement” every day.

A statement was also made on the subject from the official account of Polygon (MATIC):

“Developing Web3 games built on the Immutable zkEVM powered by Polygon will become faster, easier and safer for game studios and developers.”

However, just one day before the “big announcement”, the altcoin developer team announced that it would also announce a “legendary partnership” alongside the update in question.

It turned out that this announcement of the company was also a new game. The following statements were used for this game in the statement:

“We are excited to announce that we will be working with Bit Fry to develop Infinite Victory!

With deep connections to the sports industry, this futuristic sports arcade game will feature the official big sports IPs and athletes you know and love.”

*Not investment advice.

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