Developer Adding Half-Naked Photo to the Game

Have you ever seen the half-naked man in the second and third game of the Halo series? The developer of the game is behind this interesting surprise egg.

Dozens or even hundreds of people can struggle for years for the games we finish within hours. Of course, in these games to which the developer team has dedicated a part of his life. surprise eggs (easter egg) can be found. Knowing that players love to find these surprise eggs, the developers have added to their games that they can only be seen under certain conditions. hard to find Adds surprise eggs.

In Halo, one of the most popular game series in the world, there is a hidden man, unlike other surprise eggs. Seen in both Halo 2 and Halo 3, this half naked manIt also attracts a lot of attention from players who play the game. So who is this man, why is he seen in the game in basketball shorts?

Also known as the “Half-Naked Guy”, this surprise egg is actually the game’s developer, Jason Jones.

Developing Halo games Jason Jones, co-founder of BungieHe was the project leader of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. He currently continues to work as Bungie’s chief creative officer.

So what is this guy doing in the game?

If you play a game that the whole world loves if you developed a game Would you like something from you to be included in it? Jason Jones must have wanted this too, as he added an image of himself to the game wearing only basketball shorts. This surprise egg, which is very famous in the Halo series, is first seen in Halo 2. We see the same man appearing in Halo 3 after he became popular here.

Where are the half-naked man surprise eggs?

The half-naked man of the Halo series first appeared in Halo 2. in the Gravemind section looks. You need to start the episode in Legendary to see the surprise egg that appears in a cutscene. When you start on this difficulty level, we can see Jason Jones among the crowd in the cutscene at the beginning of the episode.

Seventh in Halo 3 in a secret area close to the terminal we can see this half-naked man floating in the air.


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Surprise eggs make people more connected to the game.

Having a surprise egg in a game is a great way to connect the game and the players. The surprise egg here created a very nice bond between the players and the developer. So let’s say you developed a game, it’s How would you put a surprise egg in the game? Let’s meet in the comments.

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