Developed ‘Liquid Robot’ That Can Change Shape and Divide

Taiwanese scientists have developed a liquid robot that can change shape and break into smaller pieces. So how is this robot able to do these things?

With the development of robotic technologies, robots that can move within our body and ensure that drugs are deposited at the right points or perform microsurgical operations have also entered our lives. But these robots still have some problems, especially in tight spots. restrictions and problems they can have.

Scientists from Taiwan’s Soochow University have developed a new robot that can move and reach its target even in the tightest spots. Moreover, this robot was not a monolithic robot, but a liquid robot. The robot can change shape in tight spots thanks to its fluidity, It can even break into pieces.

Liquid robot that can be disassembled:

This robot you see above, thanks to magnetic ferro-fluids it became possible. Scientists used iron oxide nanoparticles suspended in oil to develop the robot. Besides these particles, the robot also includes a series of controllable magnets that act on the nanoparticles, directing the robot as needed and allowing it to change shape.

The robot, which is only one centimeter long, can reach dimensions much smaller than one centimeter thanks to this feature. Moreover, the robot become smaller robots in millimeters or micrometers. can also reach. These robots are driven by magnetic fields, so they can leave the main body and return.

On the other hand, according to scientists, although the robot is impressive, its use in the human body in the future seems far away for now. It is stated that the robot can be used in small areas where chemical processes such as virus tests are carried out rather than the human body. In this way, the robot for reactions transporting necessary chemicals. can do the job.


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