Details Revealed About The Sims Rival Life By You

New details have been announced about Life By You, developed by Paradox Interactive as a competitor to Sims. The mechanics of the game and the possibilities it offers are quite remarkable.

In a presentation he made at the beginning of March, Paradox Interactive announced Cities Skylines 2 and many more games and announced that they were partnering with Xbox. One of the most striking games in this presentation was Life By You, the life simulation introduced by the company as a competitor to the Sims series.

Today, Paradox shared many details about the curious game. If the company can successfully transfer the features it mentions to the game, EA’s Sims series can be forgotten in a moment.

There will be no loading screens

In the statement made about the game prepared by Paradox Tectonic, the new sub-studio of Paradox Interactive, it was stated that the game will be similar to Sims, but will be much more detailed. In addition to the appearance of the characters they create, users in the game You will also be able to customize their mood and behavior. Also, the world of the game will be fully customizable and you can travel on the map in the game. there will be no loading screens specified.

When we look at the screenshots published about the game, we can see that the game is much more detailed than Sims in terms of house design and item design. You can even design some objects from scratch.

Goodbye to the Sims language

According to many players, the biggest drawback of Sims was that there was no real conversation in the game. In the game world”Sims languageInstead of these conversations, which are known as ” and do not go beyond strange sounds, Life By You will feature real conversations. Moreover, these conversations will be determined automatically according to your character’s behavior and mood.

Players who are not satisfied with the speeches chosen by the game be able to recreate the dialog options. Thanks to these dialogue options, which can be prepared with drag-and-drop logic, the characters will be able to dialogue exactly as the players want and it will feel more realistic.

In addition, the game’s interface was announced by EA for the first time in the past months. new sims It should be noted that it is similar to the game.


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It was also stated that more details will be announced in the coming months about Life By You, which will be opened to early access on Steam and Epic Games Store on September 12. While the Steam price of the game is unknown, the price of the game is on the Epic Games Store. Looks like 340 TL.

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