Depreciation in TL Reflected on Technological Product Prices

The depreciation of the Turkish Lira started to show its effects in every field. Technological products, which are among the products most affected by the increase in the exchange rate, also experienced price increases.

As you know, the depreciation of TL in our country for the last few months and its effects on our lives are frequently discussed. In the past days, the dollar broke a historical record and exceeded 10 TL, and since then, the unstoppable rise continues. Finally, the dollar/TL parity, which opened with 11.35 today, 13 TL level He broke another record. The dollar, which then went below 13, is now around 12.80.

The effects of all this busy agenda and the depreciation of TL on our lives are starting to be felt more and more. We’ve been talking about price hikes in everything from diesel to bread for days, and as you can imagine, we haven’t yet the news of the hike has not come to an end. After the historical rise in the dollar today, Apple finally stopped the sale of all its products in Turkey. With this news, we took a look at the general price increases experienced in technological products, and some not-so-pleasant scenes emerged.

There has been a jump in the prices of technological products:

After Apple stopped selling on e-commerce platforms and marketplaces As a result of a small scan, we saw a big jump in all iPhone prices. We’ve listed the price increases for a few Apple products for you, as Apple products are in demand and will shed light on the general situation in the market.

However, it should be noted again that all prices in this list are not official Apple site, taken from different e-commerce platforms. The price policy Apple will follow may differ from the prices listed here.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 price

The iPhone 11 has been one of the Apple products most affected by the recent increase. on November 23 from 8,399 TL smartphone on sale, with latest increases as of November 24 from 9,778 TL started to be sold.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 price

Among the iPhones, the iPhone 12 was the least affected by the price increase. iPhone 12, which was on sale for 10,681 TL on November 23, as of November 24 from 10,995 TL on sale.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 price

The newest members of the iPhone family also got their share of the price increase. As you can imagine, the highest increase was experienced in the iPhone 13. iPhone 13, which was on sale for 12,967 TL on November 23, as of November 24 from 14,099 TL on sale.

Bonus: similar increases in different tech products

Roborock S6 MaxV Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner prices

Robot vacuums, one of the most popular technological products of the last period, have also started to increase in price. While Roborock S6 MaxV Vacuum Cleaner was on sale for 5,683 TL on 23 November, this price as of 24 November for 6.250 TL is out.

PlayStation 5

ps5 prices

Due to the supply problems in our country and around the world, PlayStation 5, which has been almost a miracle to reach since its release, was also affected by the price hikes. The increase in PS5, which is sold at different prices and game packages in various marketplaces, was quite high in the examples we took a look at. The PS5 we chose was a product that was sold with the 2nd Arm + Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales. While the selling price of this product on November 23 was 13.425 TL, the price of the same product as of November 24 It was 15.199 TL. It is worth noting that when we look at different packages for PS5 from different vendors, there is a similar view.

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