Default Notice to 3AC Unable to Repay Tens of Thousands of Bitcoins Due to Market Drop

Crypto trading platform Voyager Digital has announced that it will send a notice of default to Three Arrows Capital (3ac) if it fails to repay its debts.

According to a June 22 press release, Voyager Digital has given 3ac its approximate 370 million worth a dollar 15,250 piece bitcoin and 350 million USDC to the company in case of non-payment of its debt will make a notice of default explained.

According to the statement, Voyager Digital will initially leave the company until June 24. of 25 million USDCuntil June 27 your remaining debt demanded payment. But 3ac has no did not refund.

Voyager, legal ways He explained that he is in constant communication with his advisors for

It was also stated in the press release that Voyager received a loan from Alameda to meet its liquidity needs. of Alameda It was announced that he gave 200 million dollars and 15,000 Bitcoin loans. Income from this money protect customer assets It is stated that the principal money will be used for customers only I was told it could be used for

According to the news of Dubai-based Three Arrows Capital, in the US media 400 million dollar cryptocurrency It was stated that there was a liquidation due to the decline of the market. In addition, the company has been responsible for the decline in the cryptocurrency market in the past weeks. troubled days He stated that he was alive.

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