DeepFaceLive Changing Broadcasters’ Faces During Shooting

One of the most talked about software in recent days has been DeepFaceLive, which offers publishers the ability to easily deepfake. The software, which instantly transforms the face of the person in front of the camera during the broadcast, has already been used by many broadcasters.

Artificial intelligence technology, which makes our work easier every year in many areas such as health, safety and entertainment, does not necessarily have to be used for useful things. Taking advantage of the blessings of this technology, the developers laid the foundations of the event called deepfake a long time ago. deepfake A program produced using technology has recently attracted the attention of internet publishers.

A new program called DeepFaceLive, Twitch and similar channels, it has become one of the biggest sources of entertainment in recent days. Thanks to this tool, broadcasters can perfectly embed any other smiley on their faces; They can talk as if they were other people.

One TikToker turned himself into Arnold Schwarzenegger:

DeepFaceLive is an open source artificial intelligence software that replaces the face of the person in front of the camera with another face during the broadcast. The person who created this software is on the internet. Iperov known as a software developer. The use of the software is not yet widespread, but it is getting more and more recognition every day. It may take some time for streamers to learn to use this new product, but it looks like DeepFaceLive will soon snowball into a trend.


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According to the statements of Russian YouTuber Vladislav Pedro, who is dealing with deepfake, many publishers have already started using the software. Recently, a publisher had a conversation with a stranger. During the video call, she turned herself to Arnold Schwarzenegger. “There is potential in DeepFaceLive” said Pedro, “This software can be used by both publishers and creators of any medium.” said