Decision made for social media tax: Here are the details

In the past weeks, it was announced that a new taxation regulation on content producers will be brought to the parliament. Now, after these explanations, the issue was moved to the parliament and the expected decision was made. Here is the proposal submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the announced decision…

New statement from the USA against Turkey’s digital service tax!

Authorities reiterated their demand for ‘removal’ for the Digital Service Tax imposed by countries including Turkey.

New tax regulation for those who earn money online

In our country, there is already a taxation system applied for those who earn income over the internet. For example, websites and YouTubers pay a tax on their income. However, until now, there was no official taxation for those who earn income from social media. Here is the expected statement from the parliament today.


According to the new decision, people who earn income through social media will now be subject to a 15 percent withholding tax. This will cover people whose earnings are up to 640 thousand TL.

On the other hand, the earnings of those who are considered as small tradesmen and earn up to 850 thousand TL will be exempt from income tax.

With the law, it was announced that there will be a new regulation in tax applications in electronic environment. In this context, the definitions of ‘electrical ledger certificate’ and ‘electronic accounting slip’ will now take place in our lives according to the Tax Procedure Law.

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