Decision announced in discrimination lawsuit filed against Pinterest

Last year, Pinterest was sued by shareholders for racial and gender discrimination. Pinterest, as a result of the lawsuit filed against the company 50 million dollars agreed to pay.

Founded in 2009, Pinterest is known as a social media platform that adopts the board system. It has become clear that the San Francisco-based company will pay penalties for discrimination.

PayPal clarifies on Pinterest rumors

US-based digital payments company PayPal has made a statement on rumors that it will buy the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest lawsuit concluded: $50 million to be paid

Pinterest CEO in lawsuit filed against company executives for alleged racial and gender discrimination Ben Silbermann, accused of positively discriminating against men. It is also stated in the indictment that mobbing is applied to women who oppose discrimination and an attempt is made to create a male-dominated environment.

Pinterest lawsuit concluded: $50 million to be paid

Multiple female employees revealed that Pinterest pays less than male employees. Emphasizing that they are also subject to racial discrimination, the employees contacted The Verge and stated that mobbing was applied within the finance team.

The company’s former Its COO, Françoise Brougher, He stated that the company paid him less than his male colleagues and did not invite him to important meetings. Brougher, after explaining the discrimination 20 million dollars received compensation.

Pinterest, together with Brougher, gives support to charities that support women and minorities in tech. over $2 million agreed to donate. Commenting on the matter, Brougher’s lawyer said, “Even if our lawsuit results in larger payments and charitable donations, the deals may cause companies to avoid real liability.” used the phrases.

A few weeks ago, it was alleged that Paypal would buy Pinterest. Paypal, which denied the claims that it would buy the social media platform by paying $ 39 billion, published a statement on its website. PayPal, in a statement on its website, “We are not currently considering purchasing Pinterest.” made statements.

Pinterest shares, which increased to 62.80 after the Paypal rumors, fell by about 9 percent after the announcement. Market cap of the platform, which went public in April 2019 37 billion dollars around.

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