DC cut the ticket of the famous player!

Allegedly, he was arrested twice on charges of assault in Hawaii this year. Ezra Millerany DC will not be involved in the project. This step 23 June 2023planned to have a vision in The Flash It will be after the movie. According to the information, Warner Bros. will end its contract with the player.

Studio allegedly signing Dylan O’Brien

Ezra Miller in Hawaii as a result of attacks and violence in April twice was detained. Miller allegedly threw a chair at a woman’s head after she was asked to leave a late-night meeting at a residence.

Miller was previously accused of misconduct and harassment as a result of an incident at a bar. The actor accused of yelling obscenely, snatching the microphone from a woman, and attacking a man playing darts on $500 bail was released. However, the accusations did not end there.

DC fans here: The first trailer for Black Adam has been released!

DC fans here: The first trailer for Black Adam has been released!

The first trailer for DC’s Black Adam movie, which will be released this year, has been released. Warner Bros. He acted for the other 3 movies as well.

First, the 18-year-old’s parents requested a protection order against the player on behalf of their child. It was later revealed that he had received a temporary restraining order for threatening another family and treating gender-related children inappropriately. As a result of these events, Miller closed his Instagram account.

Despite The Flash’s release more than a year ago, debate continues about the future of the series. After all these events, it was among the allegations that the production company Warner Bros. tried to get help for Miller.


However, with the increase in negative news in future projects turned out not to be. Also, among the allegations, the studio is looking for different actors and Dylan O’Brien will agree with. However, there is no official statement regarding this issue.

So, what do you think about Ezra Miller not being in the DC universe? Who do you think should be the new name? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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