Days Gone producer talks game: ‘It was disappointing’

Days Gone, which was released for Sony PlayStation 4 and presented to PC players last year, has been one of the most controversial productions in Sony PlayStation history. Although the game is loved by some people, including Sony’s management staff The nose curled into production by a large audience. The game’s executive producer and former Sony employee Jeff Ross explained why the game was disappointing.

79,000 Days Gone fans mobilized

79,000 Days Gone fans took action. The statements made by Sony and the director of the game for the sequel angered some fans.

Days Gone producer admits his mistakes

For the life of the PS4, by Sony several AAA quality The action-adventure game has been released. Many productions, such as the new generation God of War, Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Down, received very positive feedback from both review sites and players. Sony PlayStation makers and made the players happy.

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Among these productions, the one that received the most criticism and polarized the players the most is the action-survival genre released in 2019. Days Gone it happened. The game did not satisfy Sony so much that the executive producer of the game Parting ways with Jeff Ross decided. Ross conducted an interview with USAToday this week and offered self-criticism of the production.

Speaking to USAToday, Ross admitted that the boss fights in the game are often very poorly designed. One of the last boss fights in the game. Ross, who put Skizzo aside differentlyIt’s like this fight ‘wretched‘ and he said he was disappointed.

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When will Sony stop production of PlayStation 4? Here are the predictions

We take a look at Sony’s plans, which announced that it will not end the production of PlayStation 4 yet, with a statement it made in the past days.

He also said that one of the biggest problems his team is facing is that they are sacrificing artificial intelligence in order to preserve the atmosphere. The game was created during the design that only the character can see He added that it was designed to be fired, but they had to abandon this idea.

So what do you guys think of Days Gone? Do you think the game is being criticized more than necessary or is Sony justified in its reaction? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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