David Beckham Signs 10-Year Deal With Qatar

David Beckham, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to football in England and in the world, signed a £150 million deal with Qatar, with whom he has had close relations since PSG. With the agreement, Beckham will be the face of the World Cup next year and will continue to do similar work in Qatar for 10 years.

David Beckham, who has played for teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Milan in the past, signed an interesting deal ahead of the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar next year. With the agreement will be the face of the tournament Beckham will also contribute to Qatar’s cultural and tourism activities.

Beckham, one of the legendary names of English football, for this cooperation 150 million pounds will receive. Beckham, who will be the football ambassador in the 10-year agreement, will make this sport more accessible in Qatar by using the “unifying power of football”.

Beckham comes to mind when you think of football in Qatar for 10 years

David Beckham has recently come to the fore with the news that he has been on touristic tours and visiting stadiums in Qatar. It has just been learned that this is not just an arbitrary trip. Having signed an agreement worth 180 million euros with the Qatar Football Federation, Beckham will be the face of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar next year, according to the agreement. for 10 years Beckham’s close circle, who will also appear in football-based cultural and tourism activities in the country, used the following statements in the statement made after the agreement:

“David believes that football has a great power of good in many areas of life. When the World Cup comes to an end, he looks forward to the wider spread of football in Qatar and the completion of a great tournament.”


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Beckham, who is also one of the founders of Inter Miami, recently announced that he wants to see star players in the team; Also to a question about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi “We always want to bring great players. Such players are also the stars we want to bring here.” had answered.

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