Date made for the first OLED MacBook!

Apple is the first to have an OLED display MacBook accelerated the work for the model. The two major analysts have differing views on when the first OLED MacBook will be released. Screen analyst Ross Young said it will debut in early 2024, while Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said it could debut at the end of 2024.

MacBook model with OLED screen coming in 2024

Apple has used IPS LCD panels in MacBook models for a long time. Then it switched to miniLED, the more advanced version of IPS LCD. OLED technology was used in the Apple Watch before it came to smartphones with the iPhone X. However, it is not yet preferred on iPads or MacBooks.

In the 2023-2026 timeframe, Apple is expected to switch to fully OLED displays. Ross Young previously in 2024 13-inch OLED MacBook He said he was expected to come out. However, Kuo’s tweets revealed that the release date is not certain.

Apple is preparing for a design change with the iPhone 16 Pro!

Apple is preparing for a design change with the iPhone 16 Pro!

Apple, which has made significant design changes in the iPhone 14 Pro models, plans to make the next big change in the iPhone 16 Pro.

Ross Young, who has made accurate determinations about Apple products in the past, said that the new 13-inch MacBook Air with OLED screen, 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will be released in 2024.

It reported that all three devices will feature “dual-stack” OLED displays with two layers of red, green and blue emissions for greater brightness and lower power consumption.

It is said that Apple wants to lead the market beyond the laptop with OLED screen. Kuo stated that the transition to OLED in MacBooks will allow different designs because the technology is thinner and lighter than miniLED.

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