Date Announced When Deposit Management System Will Be Mandatory

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum announced that the “Deposit Management System”, which was piloted in Kızılcahamam, will become mandatory in the whole country as of next year. The project aims to return and convert disposable beverage packages.

While climate changes continue to affect the whole world, it is of great importance to make moves on sustainability. For this reason, many countries, including Turkey, are accelerating their environmentally friendly practices. Today, he is the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. From Murat Kurum Important statements have been made in this regard.

The Minister Institution will be implemented within the scope of zero waste targets.Deposit Management System” he spoke about. It was stated that the project, which aims to transform disposable beverage packages and bring them into the economy, will be completed within this year.

The system will become mandatory by 2024

According to the Minister Institution, the deposit application will be completed this year. It will become mandatory in 2024. conveyed. Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, as of this year 2,000 deposit return machines, 5,000 deposit collection points in at least 7 regions He stated that they will provide service and added:We started the tender processes with the barcoded form of our products. Hopefully, we will complete the entire system this year and make it mandatory by 2024.”

Pointing out that recycling has increased to 27% with the Zero Waste Project, the Institution Saving 100 billion liras and providing employment to 20 thousand citizens He also said they intend to. Mentioning the pilot implementation of the Deposit Management System in Kızılcahamam district, the minister also stated that successful results were obtained and that the people returned the recyclable products to the machines. In this way, it was stated that the citizens contributed to production and employment while providing income.

Apart from these, the process will be implemented in 81 provinces and 922 districts as of next year. will spread all over Turkey. was also included in the comments.

So, what is this Deposit Management System?

Deposit Management System, after the consumption or use of the products put on the market by taking a certain deposit amount determined by the ministry. refund and refund of deposit is based. annual in Turkey close to 50 billion The introduction of disposable beverage packaging also shows that the system can be very useful in dealing with environmentally hazardous waste. Let’s not forget to add that the project will be carried out by the Turkish Environment Agency.

Within the scope of the system, which will be implemented gradually in many regions this year, and which will become mandatory in the whole country next year, it will be implemented in the first place. 20 billion of the bottle intended to be recycled. In this way, it is desired to reduce thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and to save energy and oil.


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