Dark Souls Characters Passed By Artificial Intelligence Come to Reality

A YouTuber used artificial intelligence developed to transform unreal faces into real human faces on Dark Souls characters. The result showed what the cast should look like if Dark Souls becomes a movie.

You may have heard of images where cartoon or game characters are made real with the help of artificial intelligence. With this technique, it is possible to determine how non-existent characters will appear in real life. This action was recently done to Dark Souls characters. If the result It was disturbingly realistic.

The artificial intelligence face transformation process applied to Street Fighter characters before did not work well, creating irrelevant faces from the main characters. The technique applied to Dark Souls this time, officially removed the characters from the game and made it a reality.

Artificial intelligence has officially created new people from game characters

Known for his Dark Souls videos, YouTuber ‘illusory wall’ used artificial intelligence, which turns unreal faces into human portraits, for Dark Souls characters. Developed by Or Patashnik, Zongze Wu, Eli Shechtman, Daniel Cohen-Or and Dani Lischinski, the tool rendered the characters of the game so well that the resulting photographs showed the game as a gamified version of a movie. Maybe these photos were modeled after can really be embroidered into the characters of the game. However, we do not know at the moment which video cards will run this mode.

When the same process was applied to Street Fighter characters, the ‘real’ version of most characters was found to be somewhat funny. This is probably because the characters in the game are not consistent with reality, even as a drawing. While characters like Chun-Li are successfully converted Zangief characters like ‘meme’ on the internet. Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at the game characters that were successfully rendered this time. Here are some of the Dark Souls characters exposed to the magic of artificial intelligence:

Solaire of Astora

Andre of Astora

dark souls ai

Oswald of Carim

dark souls ai


dark souls ai


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Witch Beatrice

dark souls ai

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