Danger bells are ringing for Apple: iPhone production has stopped!

Apple, the biggest name in the smartphone world, set the bar again with the iPhone 14. However, the company has dealt with many problems from the production phase of the series to date. It seems that these problems continue to increase.

Foxconn halts production due to protests

The events do not end at Foxconn, one of Apple’s biggest castles. As it is known, China implements the policy of “zero tolerance against the coronavirus”. This policy resulted in production shutdowns in many factories repeatedly. Apple, which is highly dependent on China, is facing a major production problem.

Last month, production stopped due to the coronavirus. As such, the production of the iPhone 14 series was interrupted. Wanting to close the gap, the factory asked workers to stay on the production line before the holiday season. However, employees are reacting to this forced situation.

What happened when the company did not take a step back in the face of the reactions. Foxconn faced protests. The factory requires intensive work during the holiday period. So much so that in this case, employees have to work day and night in the factory without going home.

New blame for Apple and Google!  They have unlimited power

New blame for Apple and Google! They have unlimited power

The UK’s competition agency has opened a new competition investigation for Apple and Google. It will prove the unauthorized power of both companies.

The amount of protests is increasing day by day. So much so that the workers faced the police many times. According to the information received, the security guards of the factory catch and brutally beat the employees who want to escape from the dormitory. After all these events, eyes turned to Apple.

Foxconn protests

Apple had previously ordered its factories in China to stop production of the standard models iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, and changed its production plan only to the Pro models of the iPhone 14. However, the production of Pro models, which are in high demand, is made only in this factory. Now Foxconn is facing protests. It seems that more difficult days await the company.

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