Dacia Gifted a Hot Water Bag to Make Fun of BMW

Dacia launched a creative campaign to criticize the growing subscription-based features in the auto industry. The company will present hot water bags to its customers at its dealers.

Micro-payments, which are already tiring in our digital life, but also creating addiction, have also entered the automobile industry. Moreover, you will now pay extra every month, not for multimedia features, but even for your car’s engine power and seat heating.

We have seen one of the last examples of this in Mercedes before. However, the company’s German brother BMW also made the seat heating option a monthly fee in July. Today, especially BMW’s decision has been a big wave for an automobile manufacturer.

Dacia made fun of BMW:

Dacia, which caught the eye of BMW, which offers seat heating for $ 18 a month, launched a special product. The company said that only 75 units were produced.Heated Seat SaviorHe distributed the hot water bag he named ” for free. He also made a harsh comment on the latest developments.


The company said in a statement that it is famous for its simplicity and that it will keep you away from “money traps” shared. Dacia UK Brand Manager Luke Broad commented on their new practices as follows:

“Heated Seat Rescuers is fun but also highlights the industry direction when it comes to subscription-based access to features. Asking someone to pay extra to activate factory-fitted equipment is definitely not Dacia!”

Dacia’s hot water bags are only available from four Dacia dealers in the UK.

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