Cyber ​​Attack From Binance

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, made statements about the cyber attack on BNB Chain earlier today. The exchange stated that it has no control over BNB Chain.

Earlier today, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s There have been reports of cyber attacks. Blockchain network said to be owned by the exchange of BNB Chain It was stated that it was attacked by one or more hackers whose identity is unknown.

In the statements made from the official social media accounts of BNB Chain, the network was stopped, the size of the attack 70-80 million dollars Said to be around. However, some rumors circulating on the internet claimed that 600 million dollars of crypto money may have been stolen. While the attack continues to be at the top of the agenda, now a statement has come from Binance.

Binance has no control over BNB Chain”

Binance, in its statements, said that the news about the recent cyber attack is limited to BNB Chain, It has nothing to do with Binance expressed. Any exchange on the BNB Chain don’t have control also added. The entire statement was as follows:

The news about the recent cyber attack is limited to BNB Chain, but it has nothing to do with Binance. Binance has no control over BNB Chain.

BNB Chain is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, managed by its community, running decentralized. Since its launch, it has processed 3 billion transactions from 163 million different addresses, making it accessible to a large user base for developers thanks to low gas fees and zero latency. Binance, on the other hand, is an ecosystem of over 1,400 projects and dApps using Binance Smart Chain across multiple categories spanning DeFi, Meta Universes, blockchain games, NFTs and more.”

In the aforementioned event that took place on the BSC Token Hub, which is an inter-chain bridge Binance has no loss or damage, and Binance users are not affected in any way.

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