CSU: A gracious result for Markus Söder – Bavaria

The party leader is confirmed in office with 87.6 percent. Why Markus Söder did not get a very good result, but a decent one.

So now 87.6 percent. Not a very good, but a decent result, with which the CSU delegates have confirmed their chairman Markus Söder. A result, however, that says little about the performance that Söder has so far brought as party leader. But all the more about the talent of the CSU to demonstrate the greatest possible unity in difficult times. And it is difficult right now, for the Bundestag election, the CSU polls in Bavaria are only predicting 28 percent. That is the number that concerns everyone in the party. Söder’s election result? Minor matter.

But these 87.6 percent let it be seen that there are construction sites in Söders CSU: At least in parts of the party, dissatisfaction flashes again and again. Söder is too green for some, too strict for some, especially in the Corona policy. But to damage your boss with a poor result at the party congress, in the middle of the polls low, just two weeks before the election? That would really have been stupid.

Until the state elections in Bavaria, the CSU will treat their boss with some grace. But then, in autumn 2023, Söder will face the big test. His personal popularity ratings are good, but Söder has not yet achieved such convincing election results. “The people pull the parties,” says the CSU boss. Söder has yet to prove that this also applies to him.