CS:GO Breaks Player Record With Counter Strike 2

CS: GO, which will be retired with the arrival of Counter Strike 2, ironically broke the player record thanks to CS2. Wondering if they were invited for CS2, players flocked to the game and broke the instant player record.

Released on August 21, 2012 as the new pioneer of the competitive FPS genre, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), step by step to turn 11 years old, Valve made the long-awaited announcement and built on the Source Engine 2 engine. Counter Strike 2, officially announced. Moreover, it has been announced that all players will be released as an update for free.

Counter Strike 2 is currently in the testing phase and only ‘lucky’ users can log in if they receive an invitation. Players can only see if they have received an invitation when they log into CS: GO. As such, CS2, CS:GO‘s set a new instant player record. Players wondering if they were accepted to the CS2 test made the 11-year-old FPS legend set a new record.

Those who want to enter Counter Strike 2 broke the player record in CS: GO

When we look at the data shared by SteamDB, the number of Counter Strike: Global Offensive instant players in the past hours 1 million 519 thousand 457We see it reaching . Since SteamDB does not have a separate data sheet for CS2 yet, we guess that the number of players in CS2 is also within CS: GO, but there is no definite information on this subject. However, let’s say that there are over 1.1 million players in CS: GO at the time of writing the news.

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