Cryptocurrency Wallet Support Coming to Microsoft Edge!

Microsoft has created a cryptocurrency wallet for the Chromium-based internet browser Edge. Users will be able to store and trade their cryptocurrencies with this built-in wallet.

US-based technology giant Microsoft’s internet browser edgehosted an important development. The browser is now built-in, although still in testing. crypto wallet support started to offer. Moreover, users will not only control their crypto money with this wallet, but also if they want to. They can also spend.

In fact, cryptocurrency wallet integrations are not the first for browsers. In the past, primarily Brave A few more internet browsers, including cryptocurrencies, started to offer integration for cryptocurrencies. The latest development, among them Microsoft Edge will also be added it reveals.

Trading can be done on Coinbase and MoonPay!

The new feature of Microsoft Edge, which is still in the testing phase, allows an investor to exchange cryptocurrencies. to keep helping. But that’s not all. Users are currently using the exchanges Coinbase and MoonPay to make cryptocurrencies. trades they can. In addition, pages with current news about cryptocurrencies in the wallet, the use of crypto money in internet shopping and the NFT storage option will also be available in Edge’s new feature.

Microsoft Edge cryptocurrency wallet

It is possible to say that this move of Microsoft is appropriate. As a result, crypto money investing and fraud attempts are becoming more and more every day. increasing. The built-in wallet feature Microsoft developed for Edge addresses the need for a third-party wallet provider. will have eliminated.

edge crypto support

Microsoft hasn’t announced when the feature under testing will be available for Edge. did not explain. However, the feature is not expected to be delayed much. Probably in a few weeksEgde’s crypto wallet integration will reach all users.


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