Cryptocurrency Statement from the President of Religious Affairs

President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş made a remarkable statement about cryptocurrencies. Erbaş stated that they “do not have a clear answer” about the discussions on whether cryptocurrencies are permissible or not.

One of the most important common agenda items of economy and technology all over the world. cryptocurrenciesis still being debated in many ways. Despite all these discussions and restrictions, the crypto money market, which has not fallen off the agenda with the sanctions and regulatory decisions of successive countries, and has just recovered after the great decline chart in the last weeks, investment tool of millions of people has happened.

There is an agenda in the direction of the future of various regulations about cryptocurrencies in our country. prepared cryptocurrency law Although we do not have full knowledge of the details, we have received some news from the law in the past weeks. These news, which would put the investors at ease, were about taxation in cryptos. Now, there is a completely different issue on the agenda about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency statement from the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş

The most up-to-date agenda regarding cryptocurrencies in our country was a statement by the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş on the subject. In a program he attended, he was asked ‘Is cryptocurrencies permissible?’ Answering the question, Erbaş said, “Cryptocurrency is not permissible. We cannot say it is permissible because it is unreliable and open to abuse. We gave this to one of our assistant experts as a thesis topic. One of our professors is preparing this as a thesis. But as of now, for cryptocurrencies We cannot say that it is not permissible..‘ he said.


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Although there is no clear answer to the question, we understand from the explanation that we will soon come across a thesis on this subject. The next answer is that cryptocurrencies, which are very popular in Turkey, How will it affect investors? is a matter of curiosity.

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