Cryptocurrency Statement from Former British Finance Minister: We Are Left Behind!

Former UK Finance Minister Philip Hammond has announced that the country is lagging behind its rivals in Europe in the race to become a hub for digital assets and that this situation must be resolved as soon as possible through constructive regulation.

Philip Hammond describes the UK as a financial center for digital assets in a recent interview with the Financial Times (FT). lagging behind EU countries warned. Governing digital assets so that the UK can compete with already leading countries a more effective regulatory framework Hammond, who warned that he should create to act fast He called on the competent authorities to:

The UK needs to be a leader in this area post-Brexit. Our country has allowed itself to fall behind. Switzerland is further. The EU is also moving faster. There must be a moderate risk appetite. The cryptocurrency industry needs better and more effective regulation.

Cryptocurrency firm copperas chairman of the board of taking on a new role Announcing that, Hammond gave good news about the company from day one. In his statement, 70% falling Despite being in a market, Copper’s last financing round is almost completed and for the company 2 billion dollars stressed that there is a value. Copper was last seen in October last year. 196 million dollar collected, but no explanation was given about its value at that time.

The UK has been wanting to be the center of cryptocurrencies for several years, but as Hammond has stated, it is lagging behind because they cannot take a constructive approach in this race. Rishi Sunak, the finance minister, who is one of the most ambitious names in the “crypto center”, said in October. He became the new Prime Minister of England. The altar had previously stated in a statement that England A global hub for crypto asset technology and investment He stated that he intended to make

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