Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Announces It Will Delist These Altcoins From Margin Transactions!

world’s largest cryptocurrency stock market Binance three in a statement today. altcoin margin transactions announced that he would be delisted.

Binance Margin Delists JST, SNM, and SUN as Cross-Margin Borrowable Altcoins

Binance made a statement on 30.01.2023 at 06:00. JST/BUSD, JST/BTC, JST/USDT, SNM/BUSD, SUN/BUSD and SUN/USDT cross margin He said he would suspend his debts.

In a statement on the Binance website, he said:

Binance Margin will delist JST, SNM and SUN as loanable assets from Cross Margin on 10/02/2023 06:00.


Binance will suspend cross-margin borrowings of JST/BUSD, JST/BTC, JST/USDT, SNM/BUSD, SUN/BUSD and SUN/USDT at 06:00 on 30.01.2023.

Binance will close users’ positions at 06:00 on 10/02/2023, perform an automatic settlement and cancel all pending orders on JST/BUSD, JST/BTC, JST/USDT, SNM/BUSD, SUN/BUSD and SUN/USDT cross-margin pairs. .

We will then remove these pairs from the Cross Collateral list. Please note that users will not be able to update their positions during the delisting process and they are strongly advised to close their positions before margin trading is stopped to avoid possible losses.

Portfolio Margin users are advised to transfer the above-mentioned tokens from their Margin Wallets to their Spot Wallets and, if necessary, complete their margin balance before 06:00 on 10/02/2023.

Users should closely monitor the Unified Sustaining Margin Ratio (Uni-MMR) to avoid any potential liquidation from the removal of the aforementioned tokens from the Margin Wallet.

In case of any inconsistency between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version will prevail.

*Not investment advice.

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