Cryptocurrency Decision from the Governor’s Office in the USA: “Uncertainty Harms Innovation”

The USA’s New Hampshire Governor’s Office announced that the uncertainty in cryptocurrency regulations has damaged innovative work in the industry.

The New Hampshire Governor’s Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets Committee published the results of its research on cryptocurrencies today.

As a result of their research, the experts both made statements about the general situation of the sector and offered some suggestions on behalf of the governorship.

In the report, blockchain technology “an important technical innovation with many applications that has the potential to be of great importance to human communities” was stated.

The committee considers the regulations regarding both blockchain and cryptocurrencies. “very uncertain” and that this situation “new technologies harm the innovative and economic development of activities and industry” stressed.

According to the governor’s committee, legal uncertainties in the sector, take steps to protect investors it also makes it harder.

As a result of its research, the committee made the following recommendation in the state of New Hampshire:

“New Hampshire government; A legal regime that will be attractive to blockchain innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses in order to create allocate necessary resources.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, New Hampshire’s, thanks to these recommendations presented in the report. “One of the leading regions for the development of blockchain applications” He said it could become

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