Cryptocurrency Companies Are Leaving This Country One By One: Three In The Last Month!

Stablecoin issuer Paxos has become the latest cryptocurrency company to announce its withdrawal from the Canadian market.

Paxos 12 April In the announcement published on its official website on June 2 to Canadian operations will put an end explained. paxos, last month leaving Canada in third became a cryptocurrency company.

in the statementno balance of customer accounts May 9 as of date automatic However, other accounts will be closed as June 2 until active Paxos, stating that it will remain June 2 afterwards too to hide safely will continue, but only withdraw money He said he would be open to business.

Paxos, unlike other cryptocurrency companies pulled out of Canada regulatory uncertainties. referring to although not found future country’s financial services regulator Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) whether it will re-enter the Canadian market in cooperation with will evaluate expressed.

Paxos spokesperson In his statement on the subject, in the short term Now serving Canadian customers won’t give their activities in the region, even though they are changing needs in line with they will reevaluate expressed.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX and from the largest decentralized exchanges (DEX) dYdX regulatory uncertainties in the recent past. hinder its activities from Canada, claiming decision to withdraw announced that they had.

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