Cryptocurrency Comment from NBA Legend Shaq!

Shaquille O’Neal, who went down in history as one of the legendary names of the NBA, was the most up-to-date name to comment on the crypto money industry. The famous name of the NBA made a negative statement about the crypto money industry, unlike the popular names of the last period, such as Stephen Curry.

O’Neal, Away From Cryptocurrency!

O’Neal, in fact, he is known for making big spends, and it is known that his card was rejected at a Walmart store for $70,000 in 2008. Card spending was blocked by a possible fraudulent suspicion, and at that time it can be said that this money was definitely too much for a single transaction at that time. Despite such a reputation, the NBA legend stated the following about cryptocurrencies:

All the time companies come to me saying, “hey, we’re going to give you $900,000 in crypto just to tweet, and I always say to them, if you’re going to give me $1 million in crypto, why do you need me?”

A few of my friends have caught on to these projects but I will stay away from it until I understand exactly what it is. Some projects where my friends were caught turned out to be scams later on.”

In fact, news emerged earlier this year that Tron CEO Justin Sun had sent similar offers to many famous people, but Sun even denied the resulting email conversations. It’s a known fact that famous names have received such advertising offers to use their reputation in the cryptocurrency industry, but still, O’Neal wants to stay away from them for now.

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