Cryptocurrency Can Be Purchased Through The Application Of The Postal Service In The UK

Post Office, one of the postal services in the UK, will offer its customers the ability to receive cryptocurrencies through the EasyID authentication application from next week.

  • EasyID users will be able to convert their cryptocurrency coupons from Swarm Markets, a decentralized exchange (DEX), into cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether through the same platform.

  • Swarm Markets will pay Post Office for the authentication software used during the transaction.

  • EasyID application developed by Post Office, besides things such as identity and age information, without the need to carry ID used to prove.

  • The Post Office split from Royal Mail, another UK postal service, in 2012.

  • of the world “first licensed DeFi platform” Swarm Markets has declared that EasyID users are now “you can buy BTC and ETH easily and securely” stated.

  • As well as trading cryptocurrencies yield farming Swarm Markets, which can also be used for shopping, is supervised by Germany’s financial regulator BaFin.

Image: A Post Office branch in Morningside (MJ Richardson, licensed, image modified by Koin Bulletin)

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