Cryptocurrency Alert from Jim Cramer via Former SEC Officer: “It’s not too late!”

The popular US host, Jim Cramer, who broke the rating records, once again warned investors to abandon their crypto investments.

Cramer recently posted on his official social media account. in his postcrypto from coins or associated with cryptocurrencies any an investment It’s still too late to quit your product not stated. Famous presenter, a former of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sharing of the former official by quoting while warning crypto money investors once again your criticisms on target Location took.

former head of the SEC Internet Enforcement Office John Reed Stark In the post quoted by the popular server, the giant investor of the crypto money market, which has been the subject of investigations recently, Digital Currency Group (DCG) Based on an article about him, he made the following statements:

Never in the history of securities fraud have prosecutors had such an army of renegades, informers and whistleblowers. I expect more crypto panics to happen, more crypto suspects to be charged, and more crypto stories to be told.

Cramer has long been in the cryptocurrency market. corruption to their claims and financial to scandals attracting investors to this to the dangers warns about However, within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Cramer’s views are generally reaction is met with. Users on social media, Cramer gold advocate and a grumpy old man by being accusation doing.

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