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These foundations were also involved in the crypto money move, which was started in order to reach the aid faster in the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquake. As we mentioned, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) also announced that it participated in accepting crypto donations as well as the Red Crescent. In addition, BtcTürk and Paribu shared their crypto aid addresses for government institutions and foundations.

Red Crescent shared their crypto money addresses

Turkey is trying to heal the wounds of the disaster centered in Kahramanmaraş and recorded as the biggest earthquake disaster of the last century. In addition, crypto money addresses are shared by foundations in order to reach aid faster.

Announcing that it will accept cryptos the other day, the Red Crescent had created a donation page for cryptos on its official site. In addition, the Turkish Red Crescent made a call for donations by sharing their crypto money addresses on its official Twitter account:

IHH announced that it accepts cryptocurrencies

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) also participated in the crypto money donations that started with the Red Crescent. The institution shared the donation addresses for cryptos on its official Twitter account. However, the Foundation can accept donations with Bitcoin, Ether, TRON and AVAX.

In a statement, the institution stated:

“Our Foundation, which always acts for goodness, continues to deliver donations in kind and in cash to our earthquake victims. Immediately after the earthquake, aid is provided in various fields such as food, shelter and clothing, especially search and rescue efforts.

Great support is needed in earthquake-affected areas. For this reason, our Foundation has activated the cryptocurrency donation for a while, upon popular demand from its donors. In this way, our citizens will be able to donate crypto.”

Supporting foundations in BtcTurk and Paribu

BtcTurk, one of the crypto exchanges in Turkey, announced that they have created crypto aid addresses for 5 institutions and foundations, saying, “We are ready to provide all kinds of support we can”. However, in the sharing; The addresses reserved for AFAD, AKUT, Kızılay, AFAD, Support to Life, Nef Foundation, Community Volunteers (TOG) and Basic Needs Association (TIDER) have been announced.

Then, Paribu announced the addresses of AVAX, SOL, ETH, MINA and TRX for Needs Map and Community Volunteers Foundation, which provides aid to the earthquake area.

AHBAP became a guide to foundations

The head of the AHBAP Association, artist Haluk Levent, made a survey on Twitter about opening a crypto wallet after the earthquake and got the opinion of his followers. However, as a result of the survey, the option “Open a crypto account bro” appeared. Later, Haluk Levent applied to MASAK about collecting crypto money donations and expressed his wishes. Wallet address and other donation addresses are given in the appendix.

After MASAK accepted this request, millions of dollars of crypto aid was collected from the country and abroad. In addition, approximately 3 million 140 thousand dollars of donations have been collected at the specified crypto wallet addresses since yesterday. Avalanche foundation is the biggest donor with 21 million TL.

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