Crypto Unreliable, Disruptive and Dangerous

At the meeting held by the US Senate Banking Committee, a senator drew attention to the unreliability of cryptocurrencies. Stating that small investors can get stuck because of exorbitant commissions, the senator said that the dangers in the world of crypto money can make the market dangerous for people who are not rich.

Cryptocurrency The sector has become a sector that some people rely on, and the other section has always approached with suspicion from past to present. from different countries from time to time. with harsh restrictions The sector in question was also the focus of the warnings made by many famous names. Now we are here again with the statements from the big places.

United States Senate Banking Committee Speaking at the meeting he held, he has repeatedly stated his negative views on crypto. Senator Elizabeth Warrentalked about the problems of the crypto market and how it can put small investors at risk.

Regulators need to take steps to protect small investors:

Warren, in the focus of his statements, said that small investors and protection of the wealthy existed. In addition, Warren, referring to the general reliability of cryptocurrencies, also talked about high value losses and high commissions at the time of transfer.

In this context, the senator said that the technology in the cryptocurrency market is unreliable, fraud and unpredictable high wages factors such as crypto for people who are not rich dangerous He said he could make it.


In addition, the transfer fee on the Ethereum network was 1 week ago. over $500 Stating that, Warren also said that small investors may disappear completely due to sudden ups and downs and high commission costs.


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Warren is the last – the US-owned overseer of the stock markets and the larger securities industry. a federal regulator the one which- SEC He stated that investments to be made in places that are not within its body and therefore do not have to be inspected, carry a great risk for investors. An example of these risks is Bitcoin. While it was around 52 thousand dollars, it decreased to 42 thousand dollars. showed. You can share your thoughts on the subject in the comment section.

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