Crypto Report from Goldman Sachs and Messari: Which Coin Is Best?

leading financial institution Goldman Sachs According to the year-to-date asset return, Bitcoin (BTC) has been announced as the best performing asset in the world.

Goldman Sachs, bitcoinIt ranked .1 above gold, real estate, 10-year U.S. Treasury, energy, Nasdaq 100 and twenty other investment vehicles. It is noteworthy that Goldman Sachs only added Bitcoin to its asset ranking two years ago.

Goldman Sachs Bitcoin As we reported, CoinGecko interpreted Bitcoin as one of the worst performing investments in the 2022 calendar year. In its latest annual crypto industry report released last week, CoinGecko highlighted key assets that performed poorly, excluding Crude Oil and the US Dollar. However, BTC was the worst performing asset, down 64.2%.

Tom Dunleavy, a researcher at Messari company, emphasized that Litecoin has outperformed BTC and its closest rival Ethereum (ETH) in the last three months and one year timeframes.

Dunleavy shared a chart showing that LTC investors are getting 31.1% and 23.2% more ROI than Bitcoin and ETH investors, respectively, as of January 2022. Over the three-month period, the numbers were more than double the one-year value. Litecoin also outperformed DeFi tokens with a growth margin of 73% from 2022.

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