Crypto Expert Announces Altcoin Basket: I Develop Strategies!

Michael van de Poppe, one of the most popular names in the crypto money world, has $ 1000 in his new video. altcoin detailed his portfolio. Poppe underlined that the total value has decreased by 16% since the first day he shared, and stated that he has developed some strategies to adapt to the current dynamics in the market.

Analyst Shared Altcoin Portfolio!

Michael van de Poppenoted that the altcoin portfolio, which started at $1,000 a few weeks ago, is now down 16%. The portfolio consisted of the assets Chainlink, CRV, Atom, Axie Infinity and Lux. However, he remains optimistic about the future, stating that he has held the portfolio for several months.

Analyst, chainlinkHe states that it is consolidating in a range and is waiting for it to enter an uptrend before adjusting its strategy. Meanwhile, Lux is the only asset that has fallen significantly and replacing it with Chainlink to provide additional opportunities would be a strategic move. However, as LINK is consolidating around the area it uses to buy positions, it just hangs on and waits for the market to turn. As we reported, Michael van de Poppe believes that the markets may fall further as they form a potential bottom structure. He observes that most of the altcoins are currently at the support holding limit and will only adjust his strategy when they surpass the resistance levels. It also states that all positions are currently in a bottoming procedure with the potential to sweep bottoms.

Changing Strategy Can Be Meaningful

Despite the current situation, Michael van de Poppe admitted that he is working on new strategies to improve the portfolio’s performance. The analyst plans to present a full strategy in the next update after his holiday. He aims to provide the most logical portfolio for his followers to follow and stated that he will continue to provide all necessary information.

You can follow the current price action here.

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