Crypto and NFT Initiative From Amazon: History Leaked!

It has been claimed that Amazon, one of the largest retail companies in the world, plans to enter the NFT and Web3 game industry soon, and important statements will come in April.

According to the news of Blockworks, which is based on many different sources. Amazonis preparing to enter the crypto and NFT market. Web2 giant Although it is known that the company, which is called as Web3, has been closely following the Web3 ecosystem for a long time, concrete steps did not run away.

both of Amazon Free NFTs too, thanks to their cryptocurrency-powered games and in this process, especially will focus on NFT applications was put forward. While no further details are given, the original statement was made by Amazon officials. in April allegedly done.

Amazon’s entry into the NFT and Web3 market OpenSea and rarible may trigger competition with companies such as Amazon also millions of new customers that it will bring to the sector. It was also stated that it could be for the benefit of everyone:

Amazon can make a big splash in the NFT market with the number of customers it has. This will be beneficial for both parties. Players already involved in this area of ​​the industry can see a good impact if they manage to adapt correctly and intelligently to the coming innovation.

Two of the sources in the news are the popular web hosting platform of NFT and Web3 game projects. Amazon Web Services (AWS) in its place In-house at Amazon Said it would work. On the other hand, it was stated that the company will also make relevant recruitment. CEO of Amazon Andy Jassy earlier that the company is open to NFT trading and the company in general door to cryptocurrencies He stated he didn’t close.

Amazon, which has made an important connection with the crypto industry in the past days, aims to be a tool for greater adoption of blockchain technology by businesses, institutions and governments. Avalanche (AVAX) had an agreement with.

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