Critical move for the electric car transition process from the UK!

Electric car charging stations will be required for all new homes and businesses in the country from 2022, the UK government said today. In this way, it is planned to include 145 thousand new charging points in the infrastructure every year.

Tesla is worried: Ford will charge electric cars in 5 minutes!

Ford is working on new cable technologies that will reduce the charging time of electric cars to just 5 minutes.

UK opens doors wide for electric cars

The UK government made the following statement regarding the charging station and electric car regulation, which will come into force as of 2022:

With the developments we want to make, our citizens will be able to buy houses that already have an electric charging station infrastructure in the coming years. In addition, shops and workplaces in the UK will also contribute to this situation, making refueling as easy as diesel and gasoline vehicles.

electric car charging infrastructure

The UK government has supported the establishment of more than 250,000 charging stations so far. However, with the new regulations, it will be able to increase the number of stations by 50 percent in just one year. In addition, large-scale areas with more than 10 parking spaces and charging stations were also included in the project.

The country’s opposition Labor Party has argued that London and the southeast region has more charging points than the rest of England and Wales combined, and the new law is not helping in that regard. According to the BBC’s report, there are also no regulations that will make electric cars more affordable for low- and middle-income families.

electric car charging station

The UK government aims to completely ban the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, 10 years ahead of schedule. It has also previously stated that it is ready to spend £500m to build an electric car charging infrastructure in the country.

We hope that there will be positive developments in the coming years in our country, both in the development of the domestic electric car and in the fact that other countries, especially Cyprus, allocate more share to us in terms of export. Because fossil fuels go beyond sustainability and continue to make our planet an uninhabitable place.

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