Cows are given toilet training

It is known that cows have negative effects on the climate due to digestion and excretion reasons. Because of these effects, a group of researchers in Germany are toilet training cows in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Although we are overexposed to short-term events in the world, in the longer term we climate problem danger awaits. Aware of this danger, experts conduct various investigations and research on the causes of changes in the atmosphere. Among many other reasons, animals are also in danger of the climate crisis as a cause.

Farm animals have also been under scrutiny for a while because of their digestive and excretory systems, stomach structures and the gases they produce. The Netherlands, one of Europe’s major agricultural exporters, recently came up with a plan to reduce the number of farm animals such as cows, pigs and chickens by one third in order to reduce nitrogen emissions that are harmful to the environment. Another application came from researchers in Germany. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, researchers toilet training for cows plans to give.

“Why shouldn’t they learn to use the toilet?”

According to a study published in Current Biology; It has been reported that cows were toilet trained by a group of researchers due to their effects on greenhouse gas emissions with their gases, urine and feces. The team of experts in animal behavior and agricultural sciences, by making cows urinate into grass toilets, nitrous oxide stopped production.

In the statement made about the research, it was stated that cows are generally thought to be animals that cannot control their feces and urine.Cows, like many other animals or farm animals, are highly intelligent and can learn a lot. using the toilet Why can’t they learn?” was stated.

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