COVID-19 Mimics Lung Cancer

The patient, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in Kahramanmaraş and whose emergency preoperative PCR test was also positive, was treated with COVID-19 before surgery. After observing that the tumor disappeared after treatment, it was concluded that the coronavirus mimics lung cancer.

In the right lung of NT, who went to the hospital with chest pain, after tomography taken here a tumor 4 cm in diameter detected. The patient was diagnosed with lung cancer after further investigations with the suspicion of lung cancer. NT, who wanted to continue his treatment in his hometown of Kahramanmaraş, went to Sütçü İmam University Health Practice and Research Hospital for surgery.

Sutcu Imam University Health Practice and Research Hospital, Department of Thoracic Surgery, Lecturer. After tomography and tests for the patient in Fatoş Kozanlı diagnosed with lung cancer And he said he needed surgery. The test of the NT, whose PCR test was performed before the operation, was positive and for the treatment of COVID-19. The surgery was postponed for 14 days. NT with negative PCR test after treatment In the tomography taken again before the operation, it was determined that the tumor in the lung had completely disappeared.

Kozanlı, who followed the patient, also states that the result is surprising:

The situation of the patient from Kozan “Our patient receives a blow to the chest in another city where he works, and when his pain does not go away, he applies to a university hospital. Here, a chest X-ray is taken to the patient. A mass is found in his right lung. The patient is then taken to a chest tomography and is 4 cm in diameter, which is important for thoracic surgery. radiological findings similar to lung cancer A mass is detected. Later, the patient is diagnosed with lung cancer in further examinations. The patient is scheduled for surgery. Since the patient is from Kahramanmaraş, he prefers to come to his hometown. She applied to us and complained of chest pain. There were no complaints such as cough, shortness of breath, sputum production, or fever. We also evaluated the patient and decided to have surgery. Because he had radiological findings very similar to lung cancer. In accordance with the rules of our Ministry of Health, a pre-operative PCR test is performed on each patient. We also took a PCR test from the patient on the night of the operation and the test came back positive. We postponed our surgery for 14 days and our patient was treated with coronavirus. The patient applied to us again on the 14th day and the PCR test was negative. We took a new tomography and We saw that the tumor completely disappeared. Now when we go from the result information to the beginning, If it was a lung cancer, it wouldn’t be able to go away. If it was a condition related to another pathology, we would not expect it to disappear with the treatment we gave. We gave antiviral treatment and the patient’s radiological findings almost completely returned to normal. We explained this to the patient by saying, ‘It is a radiological finding that has never been seen in the world literature’. This view we see is no longer on the patient’s chest X-ray, it’s not lung cancer.‘, he states that the result is astonishing.

‘I have not come across a similar case in the world medical literature’:


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Kozanlı stated that when he examined the patient’s history from beginning to end, he concluded that the coronavirus imitated lung cancer. stating that such a case is the first status “When we look at the world literature in general, the known findings such as lung findings, radiological findings of coronavirus, infiltration, ground glass density. But in our patient There was a mass mimicking a lung tumor. And we have never seen this in world literature. I did extensive research on this. We looked at the radiological findings of many patients based on both my own experiences and the patients hospitalized in our own hospital. I searched the world literature, consulted with my other friends, I did not come across any similar finding.‘ he explains.

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