Countries With The Most Tenants In Europe Announced

The EU Statistical Office (Eurostat) compared the rates of tenants and landlords in 2020-2021 among European countries. In addition, countries with the highest increase in housing prices during the same period were also listed. Turkey is in the top 5 in both lists.

Even though we start a new day every morning, there is one issue that does not fall on the agenda of the people of Turkey: economy. At the end of last year, while the purchasing power of the people decreased like never before, the citizens had to face costs that were difficult to bear. European Union Statistical Office (Eurostat) In this regard, countries in Europe tenant and landlord ratios explained.

According to 2020-2021 data, a comparison of tenants and landlords was made between European countries. According to the information presented, the country with the most tenants in its country Switzerland with 58% it happened. And right after Germany with 50% is located. Turkey is 42% immediately after Austria fourth place is located.

2020 European countries ‘host’ and ‘tenant’ rates:

European Union countries the average tenant rate is 30% announced. In this case above the European average EU countries with host populations Denmark, France, Sweden, Luxembourg, Cyprus and the Netherlands. among European countries largest host population The countries with the list were Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia.


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In the graph of the increase in house prices in Europe, very different table aforementioned. With the economic difficulties experienced, Turkey is not on this list. by far at the top It will not surprise many of our readers. It is also worth noting that this list does not include price increases at the end of 2021.

The countries with the highest increase in house prices between 2020-2021 in Europe:

Turkey housing prices increase

In addition to this list, among the world cities “10 cities with the highest housing prices” Three cities from Turkey were included in the list. As a result of the data obtained from 55 countries and 150 cities during this period, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir were among the ’10 cities where housing prices increased the most. What are your views on these lists? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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