Countdown to 2023 100th anniversary special Togg!

We have announced that the pre-order process for Togg will begin and that the pre-order right for 2023 100th anniversary special models, produced exclusively for this year, can be earned through the Trumore application.

Entitlement to pre-order and set pickup order for Togg smart devices, the 100th anniversary special series 2023 NFT collection Nearly 20,000 people have already prepared their wallets via the Trumore app for the auction.

For the auction, which will start on Sunday, February 5, thousands of users will create their wallets and 2023 “100th Anniversary Special Series” It is expected to bid for the Togg Smart Device.

How will the Togg pre-order process be?

At the CES 2023 event, Togg’s vision for mobility was showcased, “How will the Togg pre-order process be?” found the answer.

More than 200 thousand people have registered to the Trumore application, which was recently introduced to users, and the number of sessions has exceeded 1.1 million. 8 people using the Trumore application, which will offer solutions that will make life easier for its users, won the right to test drive the 100th Anniversary Special Series, Togg Smart Device.

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Users who download the Trumore application available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery and create Tru.ID will be able to bid for only one NFT through the “NFT Purchase Platform”, which will be located in the same area with their AVAX digital assets transferred to their digital asset wallets.

If the highest bid is placed on the NFT of interest during the auction, the right to pre-order will belong to the bidder. Thanks to the ‘buy now’ option in the application, users will be able to have the NFT they are interested in without waiting for the end of the auction period.

Users who own NFT as a result of the auction, “100. Year Special Series” will also gain the right to pre-order and determine the order of delivery for Togg Smart Devices.

Blockchain network transaction fee needs to be considered

Each individual user who downloads the Trumore app and creates a Tru.ID will be able to bid for only one NFT, irrevocably. It will be possible for the same user to place a bid on another number, if a higher bid is received for the NFT to which he has bid.

In this way, at the end of the auction period, each Tru.ID user will be able to own a maximum of one NFT. The cost of NFT purchased will be independent of the cost of owning the Togg smart device.

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Users who want to buy NFTs must determine the amount they will transfer from digital asset exchanges to Trumore digital wallets, calculating that they will also pay an average of 0.005 Avax network transaction fee per transaction during the bidding or buy-in phase.

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