Could Facebook Gaming Be Contested for Twitch’s Throne?

With the development of video games, it has become quite common to broadcast games on various social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. Let’s examine the development and future of broadcast platforms according to a broadcast analytics report shared by an analytics company.

The video game industry, especially with the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the whole world, in the last two years further developed. Play a game until broadcast has become just as widespread. Today, many players broadcast on social media platforms. to make a profit started. Twitch, the most preferred platform for broadcasting, has been the broadcaster’s in recent weeks. with allegations of corruption had come to the fore.

Distrust against Twitch after the allegations, alternative broadcast channels. It seems to have caused the transition. Facebook Gaming was founded in 2018, but after the recent crises on Twitch viewing and in the number of publications there was a significant increase. So when Twitch and Youtube Gaming are so common? Facebook Gaming Can it achieve success in this industry, can it replace Twitch? Let’s examine it with the analysis report published by Stream Hatchet.

Facebook Gaming has grown rapidly

Software maker Streamlabs and data analytics company Stream Hatchet have announced that in the third quarter of 2021, viewing and streaming data from Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming are included. a detailed report published. The report states that Facebook Gaming’s total views are greater than YouTube Gaming’s total views. higher turned out to be.

According to the report on Facebook Gaming 1.29 billion hours while watching live content, on YouTube Gaming 1.13 billion hours watched. Twitch has 6.51 billion hours in total. 5.79 billion hours viewership rate even if it falls between platforms first place continues to protect.


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When the number of content created is examined, the result is quite amazing it happened. 222.9 million hours of content was created on Twitch, again while being the first; on Facebook Gaming 17.1 million hours, on YouTube Gaming 8.4 million hours content is produced. With these data, Facebook Gaming’s viewership rate among the three giant companies to 13.8% and market share to 6.9% found to have.

Will Facebook Gaming replace Twitch?

facebook gaming vs twitch

Twitch’s effects on broadcasters, especially lately. restrictions and audit deficiencies reasons such as on better terms Facebook Gaming, which is considered to provide services to be preferred seems to have caused it.

Twitch is on the market with today’s data. largest share Although the company owns quick change When examined, it is seen that Facebook Gaming is also in the sector. featured and is developing rapidly It is impossible to ignore. However, Facebook Gaming soon became Twitch’s can’t replace We can safely say.


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