Could Apple’s Project Titan Be A Car?

The Titan project, which Apple started working on in 2014, is known as the project to produce electric cars by research and development. But there are still doubts about whether this is a car. Let’s take a look at two possibilities that were raised during a podcast by Apple.

We know that the US technology giant Apple has been developing electric cars for a while. Although the company does not make official statements about the design and features of the vehicle, such as the project designs, features and release date shared by various companies on the subject. developments we hear it often.

Apple’s autonomous vehicles on US roads he tested, thousands of software developers for the Titan project has employed known. The company will soon launch with the Titan project. a product will take it out. Until very recently, this product was a electric car While it is thought that the project will be not likely to be a car left a question mark on his mind.

Apple’s podcaster, John Gruber, in his broadcast with journalist Jim Dalrymple, points out that Apple is working on the creation and licensing of an autonomous vehicle production or a vehicle platform in the automotive industry. to two possibilities stated that he has

Possibility One: Operating System, carOS

At the time of publication, Apple’s aim was only to provide software for autonomous vehicles, that is, a kind of carOS developmentk and then to different manufacturers to license It was suggested that it could be. But if Apple is really to be just a software manufacturer, amazing will be stated. Because, according to Gruger, Apple has been talking about operating systems so far. bad experiences had lived.

Although this does not sound very convincing, there are also question marks in the second possibility that Apple will produce its highly professional and expensive tools.


Coming Coming: Apple Car Release Date Revealed

Second Possibility: Electric Car, iCar

apple car

The cars of the future have self-driving features that are used like a kind of robot taxi. autonomous vehicles is known to be. In the podcast broadcast, the fact that the car that Apple will produce will have this feature. to sales strategies contrary, customers will have power It was stated that they would like to prefer the products. In addition, more important than the preferences of the customers, autonomous driving product liability Apple’s risk of such a risk is high. will not produce claimed.


This is what the highly anticipated Apple Car will look like, according to Apple’s patents

As a result, publishers John Gruber and Jim Dalrymple are unsure of what Apple will bring to the market. Gruber’s podcast about the Titan project suggests that the company could build something for the electric vehicle industry rather than a car. about the possibility It got us thinking. Despite all the evidence, Apple’s work with which product The outcome is unclear. rapidly developing electric car market, Apple’s project focal point it may have changed too… What do you think about this issue, the product of Apple’s Titan project something different from the car is it possible?

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