Corona and aviation – pragmatism is required

Beach in California

Would you like to travel to the sunny American state in November? The new regulations could make this possible for vaccinated Europeans.

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It took a long time, longer than many in the aviation industry expected. But now US President Joe Biden has decided: Europeans who have been vaccinated will be allowed to re-enter from November. Even if a few details are still open, one of the top destinations for private and business travelers will soon be reachable again – at least for many in Europe.

It is therefore not surprising that there is great euphoria in the travel and aviation industries. We know: If the limits fall somewhere in these Corona times, there will be a run on the offers. That was the case at Easter when Spain relaxed entry requirements.

And that is also the case this time. Only hours after the good news from the USA had made the rounds, inquiries soared upwards – from travel companies like Tui or airlines like Lufthansa. Condor also expects keen interest in traveling to the USA.

This shows two things: On the one hand, there is a lot of catching up to do. Families haven’t seen each other for months. Or the long-planned US trip had to be postponed because of the virus. Now it should be caught up quickly. Not to mention managers and entrepreneurs who are urgently waiting to send employees to the customers on site.

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People are learning to live with the virus

On the other hand – and this is even more important – people are ready to get on a plane even in times of pandemic. Most consider the risks they expose themselves to during the journey or at the destination to be manageable. Vaccinations protect against serious disease. Wearing the mask has long since become a routine and hardly an obstacle.

Overall, people are learning to deal with the virus pragmatically. It will not go away, but you have to and can come to terms with it and the consequences if you are ready.

It is a pragmatism that the rulers in the countries should embrace. A good year and a half after the pandemic began, rationality is the order of the day. With the combination of vaccination and testing, travel is possible again. With the USA and Great Britain, two nations have shown in the last few days that they are ready to go this way.

Now it is to be hoped that the new pragmatism will persist even in the difficult winter. And that countries like Australia or China also recognize that the zero-covid strategy will probably remain an illusion.

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