Core Scientific Sold Almost 2,000 Bitcoins Last Month

Core Scientific, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency miners, sold 1,975 bitcoins last month to cover expenses.

According to a statement made by Core Scientific today, the company is in return for these bitcoins it sells. 44 million dollars took.

The company uses the money it receives both to increase the production capacity of the data center and to use the money it has ordered from Bitmain. 100 thousand devices will use it to pay for it.

Core Scientific still for devices bought from Bitmain millions of dollars have to pay. The company pays the remaining less than $10 million explained.

Many miners started selling bitcoin after cryptocurrency prices started to drop. Riot Blockchain also sold 275 bitcoins in July.

Core Scientific plans to sell bitcoin in the future to both cover the company’s expenses and maintain its liquidity.

The company currently operates approximately 195,000 devices with a total capacity of 19.3 EH/s. In this way, Core Scientific 1,221 bitcoins produced.

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