Copy of The Last Supper Painting Attacked

A group of climate activists glued themselves to a copy of The Last Supper, painted by Da Vinci’s student. The painting was reported to have suffered minor damage.

While the worldwide actions of environmental activists continue, one of the latest trends has been to give messages through works of art. The biggest example of this was an activist recently. Throwing a cake at the Mona Lisaa new movement that entered the world agenda today was signed.

A group of environmental activists in the United Kingdom have found a copy of The Last Supper, which is said to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci’s student Giampietrino, and some other famous paintings. literally glued his hands. The activists fixed themselves to the frame where the painting was displayed by applying glue to their hands.

Activists detained:

In a statement shared by climate activist group Just Stop Oil, activists told the government in the UK. make a commitment to immediately cease new oil and gas licenses It called on the directors, staff and members of arts and art institutions to join the organization in peaceful civil resistance.

It was announced that three men and two women were detained following the action. The National Gallery, where the work is exhibited, suffered minor damage and it was shared that there was some deterioration on the surface of the varnish in the picture. It was noted that the work was repaired and started to be exhibited again.

Just Stop Oil activists also appeared at the Formula 1 UK Grand Prix held last day and sat on the track when the race was stopped with a red flag.


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