‘Continuous scrolling’ for Google searches is coming!

Google searches have been delivering results to users with different page numbers for a long time. When users want to scroll down the search results page and see more results, they need to switch to the other page number from the bottom section. However, this situation is changing.

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Google is starting to offer “Continuous Scrolling” for desktop users. Thus, users will not have to scroll through pages to find relevant search results. This feature, which has been available on mobile devices for a while, will thus be available for desktop users as well.

With the continuous scrolling feature, users will be able to scroll down to view up to six pages of search results before they see the “More” button. When the “Other” option is selected, new pages will open in front of them. On mobile devices, Google has limited the continuous scrolling feature to four pages of search results at a time.

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Meet the artificial intelligence that will replace Google!

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The new feature can be an advantage for some websites, as well as the ease of use that will come. It is known that many users do not switch to the second section on their search page. In this way, users will be able to browse the results on the second and subsequent pages without any extra effort.

Many users have been complaining that the quality of Google search results has decreased recently. Acting on these complaints and updating its page, Google also aims to satisfy its users with its new feature.

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The company, which has brought many innovations for mobile use in the past, is preparing to offer new features for desktop use as well. The company is testing widgets on the home screen to allow users to easily access information such as weather and stocks.

Google aims to maximize the user experience with new features. So what do you think about the new Google searches page? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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