Confused: Amazon Accuses SpaceX of ‘Prankster’

Amazon filed a complaint against SpaceX with the Federal Communications Commission. The company claims that SpaceX is not following the rules.

Focusing on space and signing important technologies SpaceX company had implemented the Starlink project to provide affordable and high-speed internet to the whole world. There was a development that broke Starlink’s loneliness and another big company of the technology world. Amazonstarted a project called Kuiper for the same purpose.

Disputes between Amazon and SpaceX turn into a war as they compete with each other. With Amazon accusing SpaceX of its report to the Federal Communications Commission war process it can start. When we consider the positions of both sides in the field of technology, competition; It seems like it will be good for users of the projects, but rather frustrating for both companies.

“SpaceX organizes unfair attacks on those who draw attention to rule violations”

Starlink project, which SpaceX sent into space to provide affordable and high-speed internet to the world and used by more than 100 thousand people. With Amazon competing Things started to heat up. In a report sent to the Federal Communications Commission, Amazon accused SpaceX of breaching rules such as launching satellites with unlicensed antennas and unapproved rockets, constructing unapproved launch towers, and reopening the factory without necessary approvals.


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In the report sent to the commission, in addition to these accusations, it was claimed that the Starlink operator refused to abide by the rules and that SpaceX launched unfair attacks on anyone who drew attention to the rule violation. Amazon also opposed SpaceX’s proposal to the Federal Communications Commission for a next-generation version of Starlink, which includes up to 30,000 more broadband satellites.

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