Confidential Documents Leaked by Bankrupt BlockFi: FTX and Alameda Relationship $ 1.2 Billion

Confidential documents have surfaced about how bankrupt crypto lending platform BlockFi was exposed to FTX’s bankruptcy.

According to a report by CNBC, the bankrupt BlockFi mistakenly As a result of sharing the uncensored version of confidential financial documents, it was revealed how much exposure they were exposed to FTX. These new, unedited documents are filed in connection with BlockFi’s FTX bankruptcy. 1.2 billion dollars loss demonstrated that he did. In the details of the damage, BlockFi’s $415.9 million tied to FTX worth of assets and Loan of $831.3 million to Alameda turned out to have it.

The financial statements, which were previously shared with the public in their censored form, were published by the advisor of the creditors committee. M3 Partners leaked as part of a presentation put together by the file was uploaded by mistake accepted.

On the other hand, in a statement made by BlockFi lawyers, FTX exposure on the first day of bankruptcy proceedings 355 million dollars and credit to Alameda 680 million dollars worth it but since that first day With the rise of Bitcoin price The damage appeared to be greater.

While BlockFi has tried to separate itself from FTX and Alameda throughout its bankruptcy proceedings, the loan and collateral obligations between companies seem too complex to allow for this separation.

According to the court minutes released on Nov. 28, BlockFi gave it to Alameda. 680 million dollar loan shown as a guarantee RobinHood (HOOD) FTX founder to transfer his shares SBF and his investment company to Emergent Fidelity Technologies had sued.

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